Chapter-3 ) تیسرا باب افلاطون
فن شعر

Aflaton(Plato) Part Three
This article is the part of 3rd. chapter of book "Maghrab kay Tanqeedi usool" by Sajjad Baqar Rizvi .Sajjad Baqar Rizvi was born in 1928 at Jaunpur Uttar Pradesh. He did his school and college from Allahabad before migrating to Pakistan in October 1947. Sajjad started his career from Islamia College as lecturer in English and later joined Oriental College Lahore as a lecturer in Urdu. His important publications include Taisha-i-Lafz and Joo-i-Maani (poetry collection), Tahzib-o-Takhleeq, Maghrib kay tanqidi usool, Vazahatain, Maroozat, Batein and Classiki Urdu shairi mein tanz-o-mazah (Literary criticism), Jadid Ameriki novel nigar, Dastan-i-Mughliya, Uftadgan-i-Khak, Hazrat Bilal, Badalti duniya kay taqazey and Spinoza (Translations). He died on August 13, 1993.
Voice :Azhar Niaz
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