About Us

About Riphah FM 102.2
Media plays a pivotal role in social, economic and political development of a country. In Pakistan, media industry grew enormously during the last decade, after the establishment of PEMRA. Not only the commercial mainstream media revolutionized during this period, but PEMRA also issued numerous licenses to universities to establish campus radio stations, which is a significant academic tool to pursue excellence in education.
Realizing the potential of campus radio to educate and inform students in particular and community in general, Riphah International University established its campus radio Riphah FM 102.2 in 2009. Riphah FM 102.2 was established with the following objectives:
  • Education with commitment
  • Information with complete truth
  • Entertainment with ethics
Riphah FM 102.2 works in alignment with the vision of Riphah International University: establishment of state-of-the-art educational institutions with a focus on inculcating Islamic ethical values. It also works as community radio to address various social and ethical issues being faced by our community.
Riphah FM 102.2 broadcasts a variety of programs during the three hours daily transmission. It highlights the activities of the university which include; academic, social, sports, cultural programs, seminars and conferences. It also acknowledges special days and broadcasts special programs for the National and International Days/Events.
Riphah FM 102.2 not only brings educational, informational and entertaining programming fair to the RIU students and community, but also provides a platform to the students to build their communication and presentation skills in a professional working media environment. It provides them hands-on training in audio production: script writing, anchoring and editing.
Need Oriented Activities by FM:
 The following need oriented activities are carried out by Riphah FM 102.2:
  • Supporting material for students.
  • Extra curriculum activities.
  • Distance learning programs.
  • Media course on in relevant fields/radio producer, DJ/voice over/radio acting/audio engineering.
  • Motivational programs/campaign
  • Admission campaign
  • Social work

  • Public Relation