Live with Azhar Niaz Host Irfan Bhatti Azhar Niaz is a seasoned media professional with life-long experience as Programs producer in Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation (Radio Pakistan) and Pakistan Television (PTV). Apart from his experience in leading audio/visual media in Pakistan; he has vast experience of working with national and international organization as media consultant and mass awareness campaign expert. Moreover, he has not only several poetic works in print but, as a prose writer, he has added an individual flavor to Urdu literature through his short stories, novel and media related subjects. He has been writing as regular columnist in journals of national repute in daily news papers of Pakistan as Jasarat, Ummat, Khabrain, and weekly Takbeer Karachi. He has been publishing his own bilingual magazine Monthly “Fakhta” (Dove) Islamabad with the noble vision of promoting the culture of peace around the globe. There are many audio visual productions on his credit produced for TV channels, NGOs, advertising agencies and private production houses. His secures the honor of being director of the first private production and broadcast on PTV “Nashaib”. He has introduced many new actors/actresses who are now performing leading role on TV and film industry of Pakistan. He has immense experience of serving as Radio broadcasters. He had played a pivotal role for launching, establishing and running FM channel of International University Islamabad and FM channel of Riphah International University. He has got training in audio visual production from Pakistan Broadcast Academy, Academy of Pakistan Television and attended workshops and refresher courses arranged by BBC, PEMRA, and AIOU. Producer and Host Irfan Bhatti Azhar Niaz #azharniaz
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